Our track record for sourcing high quality, low-hassle tenants is unparalleled.


We primarily secure tenants via our relocation network. That means quick move in’s and long term leases come standard.


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    Here's why landlords love listing with us:

    1. Short Listing Agreements  –  While other real estate agencies typically have 90 day rental listing agreements, our listing agreements are half that (45 days).  Our average rental listing stays on the market for two to three weeks
    2. Relocation Contacts –  Many agencies use standard avenues to market rental listings, these avenues include:  MLS listings, ads in newspapers, craigslist, etc…  We do all of the above as well as market your rental listing to relocation and hiring managers in NVA.
    3. Proprietary Tenant Database –  We have placed several hundred tenants into rental units over the past few years.  All of these tenants go into our proprietary tenant database so that we can market your rental listing to them when their leases come due.
    4. Credit Reports & Background Checks  –  We run credit reports and background investigations to ensure you are getting a quality tenant.  We email these reports to you as .pdf attachments so that you can make an informed decision on the potential tenant.
    5. Video Showings  –  Pictures are great…videos are better!  We shoot three minute videos of each of our listings and upload these videos to popular video sharing sites.
    6. No Competing Listings  –  Ever wonder why some real estate agencies list your unit and the one next door….or they list several units in the same community simultaneously?  This dilutes the value of your listing and brings low-ball offers from potential tenants.  We never list competing units, e.g. if we list your one bedroom at “Premier Condo Community”, we will NOT list any other competing one bedrooms in that community until your unit has been rented.