Selling your condo for the highest price, in the shortest amount of time is our sole priority.


As niche marketers, we’ve found success when other agents fail.  Often our listings receive multiple offers.


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    Why sellers love listing with us:

    1. Jacks of One Trade - Ever heard the phrase Jack of All Trades?  We're the opposite of that.  Most Realtors will list any property, in any area, anytime. . . just to try and make a buck.  We're not most Realtors.  We believe condos are special.  We believe in focus, because focus gets results.  Focus makes you an expert.  Focus attracts condo buyers to us.  Focusing on condos in northern Virginia for the past 15 years allows us to bring more condo buyer traffic to your listing.
    2. 45 Not 90 + No Bogus Guarantees - Our listing agreement is 45 days, not 3 months like others.  Truth is, if you're at the right price + your condo is marketed well. . . it shouldn't take longer than 45 days to get your #CondoSold.  So how come many team / brand name agents lock you in for 3 months?  Because they have pre-written phone scripts and email templates to get you to lower the price of your condo.  Some will even give you a "guarantee" or offer to buy your house if it does not sell.  It's best to read the fine print on such "promises".  We NEVER use scripts or bogus guarantee's to secure listings. . . it's just the right thing to do.
    3. HD / Wide Angle Video Shoot - Pictures are great, but video is better.  That's why we shoot video tours of every condo that we list for sale.  Our high definition / wide angle videos are designed with one purpose in mind, to make people love your condo.  Crazy but true, we've had buyers place offers solely based on our video tours = they didn't physically tour the property.  These video tours are increasingly important for international buyers [China, India, Middle East, Brazil] as well new hires relocating to the area. Check out some of our award winning condo videos on youtube.
    4. Just 3 Listings per Agent - While many subscribe to the "listing pig" philosophy in real estate, we don't. Each agent has a max of three listings they can take on at anytime. Why is that important? Because it keeps an agent honest. If you know you can only take on 3 listings, you're going to be very careful about which ones you take on. You're only going to take on the ones that you believe you can sell. A max of three listings at a time means that your agent can focus on marketing your condo each and every day it's listed and bring you several solid offers quick.
    5. Marketing Spent $487 - It's important to put your money where your mouth is. As such, the listings we take on, we don't stint on. If we list your condo, we'll spend a minimum of $400 and a max of $1000 marketing your condo for sale. So what does this get spent on: mailings, search engine optimized landing pages, professional pics, video editing, ghost writing, social media marketing + much more.
    6. Multiple Offers - We like options, don't you?  Our goal is to get you multiple offers for your condo and hopefully get an above ask close price. We always present offers as they come in, but why not wait a bit to get competing offers? We've developed a methodology to do exactly that. . . which gives you options. Options are good!